Թ»Ԯ صѹԮ ԸԮ 鹾ûԮ Ҵ ˹ѧ͸
ҹ˹[ҧ] áҹ˹[ҧ] ʴŢ˹
㹡ó :- 
   ÷Ѵáͧ˹ҹ˹[ҧ] Ѵҹ˹[ҧ] ش ԡ¹  Ẻ  
ö Һѡ Թ.. (ڵ.)

     {} صʹʹԡڢһ  յ ڨ  հ  
ԡҷչ ԡڢһ صڵڻҹ  շڵ ʷ
ǷԵھ  ڨڶóڵ  ⡪ǵ ͵ڵ صڵ 
Գʹڶõ  ʭڨ Գҹ ʹڶ    ڳʹڶ 
ԡࢻ ͵ԡڡڵҵ ͵ڶ ҷ ͵ԡڡڵ
ءڡ  صҵԡڡ ҨԵڵ  ͻԡڢԵڵ ػ 
ʹʹ  űڱػҵ  ͹һبک  ҵ ͵ڶ
ԡڢ ʵ ԡڢ һبکԵ   ʵ 
 ʵ  ֻ ʵ ¹   
    ⡨ һبکԵ  ֻ
ʵ   ڨ ໵  ڨհҹ
໵ ػ ҷԡ Ը   Ե ڱ
ڵԡڱ  ҵҹҹ ԷԵ ǵڵ
õ ڵھ    ʹʹ ʵ ڶڨ Գ
 ԯڰ  ҹյ ˹ڵ  ˵ ෵ھ   
ʡ⡵  ͡  ڶ ڨհҷ ԡڢԻԵ
ڵھ   ʾھ ʵ ˹൹ ͹ⵤ
ػʡҹ  ໵ھ   ൻ ʧڦԡ   
ͤڤԷҷչ ҵ  ڻԨکڵ ͪ⬡ʻ ҳҹ
ػ ڨ ໵  ؾ صڵ ԡڢԻԵ 
   Ԩک෵ ڵ ǯگ    ڶ
ͧڤڵ ʵ  ͭ ڶ Ҥҹ ԡڢٹ ػ
ʵյ  {}  ػõ ҷ  ػ 
dz  ػڰҹҵ dz  ڱ⻵
dzڱ  ءڢŹڵ dzءڢ    
عڷڰ ص  ԭڨһ ص Ͷ õ
͹ⵤ  ͭڭ  ʾھԨکڹ صڵʹʹ ǷԵھ 
 ػõ   ʹ ͡  ػڰҹ
ҵ    ڱ ҵ ͻԨک
Ԩک һ ٹ ʹڹԻҵڱ  ءڢ ǵڵھ
ڶ  һڵ ءڡҵ صڵڻ  Ը 
͹ⵤҷ صڵڰ  ڭ໵ کڵ 
һ ʹʹ ػԡҷ تڪ ԡ ˵
 ҨԵڵ صڵ    ػڰҹҷ ڭ໵
کڵ ڵ  ҹ ͤصڵ  ʹʹ
 ͵ڶ ءڡ صڵ  ڨ  հ ҵ ͵ڶ 
 ʡڡ ڨհ  ػԡ Ե   û
ʹڶԵ کڵ ءڡ صڵ  ٻ  
èԡ Գڱڵһ ԡڢ  ʹڵ  {} طڸԵ
کյ ͵ڶ طڸԵ ک൹ ڨհҹ ʾھ ͻ๵
Ե  Ťव ڵھ  ک Ҥڵ
ʹԡڢعһ ع ڨհ Ե ک൹  ҵھ 
͹ⵡرڱ  ԡر ڭ໵ ʹ൹ 
ԵԵڰ ھ  ػԻҷ ໵
˯ڰһ ʹڵһ    õڵԯڰҹүڰ
ڨհ ڭ໵һ  ع Եڰ ໵ھ 
һبک کյ ͵ڶ  һبکԵھҹһبکԵھԹԨک 
   զ  ڳ  ˵  
ءڢڶ  ػԡҹ دڰҹڰҹ ˵ 
ڡ൹  һبکԵ ڡԵھ    Իҹ
ҹ ͪڤ ԡ ʹڵԯڰڵ   
ҳԯڰ  ҳڶ  ʹʹ بڨų 
ظԵڵʹʹ  µڶ ػԡʧڡ ڶ  ڡڵ
һبکԵһ ͹һبکԵһ ڵ ǯگ  һبک
 ǵڵ   ҷʻ ʹ ࡹ ʹ ػԡ
˹ڵ һبکԵ ڵھ    Ҥڵ ԡڢ
ʧڦԡ ʹʹ ˵ ʹڵ ԡڢ ͹ǵڵ ͵ڵ
ʹʹ ͤڤ˵ ʵ     ҵ  
ʹʹ ԡڢ   ·   ʹʹ
˵ ͵ڵ ¹ ʵ  ڰ Ҥڵء
    Ե ˹ڵ Թڹ  
һڨ  صڵ    ͡ ص
ڭ໹ڵ  ʾ һبکԵھ  
  ک ک ڤʵյ   ک
ǯگ  ک ह صڵ ڶ   ͡ ʵ
ʹڶ໹ڵ  ʾ һبکԵھ ͡  ʵ
һبکԵھ  ͭڭ ڨհҷչ ๵ ͭڭ Եһ
  ๵ھҹ   ͭڭ ๵ ҹ
ͭ رڲ Ҥک  ԾԵ  
ͭڭ ҹյ ҡԡ Ҷҵ ǵڵھ  ൹ 
յ ڻԨک Ե ڵ ǯگ   ͭڭڶ
Եһ ʧڦԡह حڪڵ  ڰ  Գڳ 
  ˯   ˵ ؤڤԡह حڪڵ
  ˵  ͭڭ ڨհ  ʧڦԡह 
ؤڤԡह  حڪڵ ڰ   ࡹ
Ծطڸ ˵յ رڲԡڢ¡ڢԤʻڻҷ
ࡹ ʹʹ Ծطڸ ˵  ໡ ڵ ڶ 
һبک ࡹ Ծط ˵յ ͪ Ҥڵ
Ԫڤյ  ໡ ջ  ڵ  ڵ
µڶ Եڵ ػڻڹ   ڨ ʵ
һبک ջҪҷ  ࡹ Ծط ˵ 
ػڷ  ʡ⡵ ڨҤڵ  ʻ ͹һڵ  
ԡڢһ صڵ ʷڸ دڰҹҷ 
                صʹʹԡڢһ ڨ 

öҺѡ ˹ -. http://84000.org/tipitaka/atthapali/read_th.php?B=2&A=7131&modeTY=2 The Pali Atthakatha in Roman :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/atthapali/read_rm.php?B=2&A=7131&modeTY=2 ҹö :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/attha/attha.php?b=2&i=379 ͤûԮѺǧ :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/read/r.php?B=2&A=8882 ûԮѺѡ :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/read/pali_read.php?B=2&A=4443 The Pali Tipitaka in Roman Character :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/read/roman_read.php?B=2&A=4443 úѭûԮ http://84000.org/tipitaka/read/?index_2

ҹ˹[ҧ] áҹ˹[ҧ] ʴŢ˹
㹡ó :- 
   ÷Ѵáͧ˹ҹ˹[ҧ] Ѵҹ˹[ҧ] ش ԡ¹  Ẻ

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