Թ»Ԯ صѹԮ ԸԮ 鹾ûԮ Ҵ ˹ѧ͸
ҹ˹[ҧ] áҹ˹[ҧ] ʴŢ˹
㹡ó :- 
   ÷Ѵáͧ˹ҹ˹[ҧ] Ѵҹ˹[ҧ] ش ԡ¹  Ẻ  
ö Һѡ Ե.. (ڶ.)

                         . ҹصڵdzڳ
      []  ǭਵ ͵ڶ ǹڵ ػҡ Ի, ਵ
ԡڻ. ʵڵҵ ٻҷ ʵڵ ʵڵ. عڵ ت .
ҹҤҵ   ਵ ͹ڹҷ¸ Ե ͹ءڻһ٪
ͭڭʹ  µ,  ҹ.   ͵ڵ حڪԵھǹ
Եǵڶ ͡ Ե µ,  . Իҡڵ . ¶
ҹյ ¶  ҹ. Է صڵ ˵:- èکҹʻ ҹ 
͵ڵ ǵڵآԻڨʹ ʵس ڢԳ ˵յ ҷԹ
ԡڢ ¹ ù  ҹ Ҥ  Իҡ ԻҡҳŹ
ڨڢ ҹ,   ʵڵ · عڵ.  ͷ حعڵ
 حڪԵھصڵ ͵ڵ ͵ڶ,    ͷ ک¨Ե൹ 
ʹ  ح ,  ح .     Եڵ
ҷ ԯҵ ͵ڵ ڻڵչ  Ҹó˹šڢ
Եڵ Ƿʡҹ ػڡٵҹ ˸ҹ ͭڭ
ک. Ͷ  ¶صڵ í ͭڭڻ ҹڵ¡
ҷŭڨ  ʵڵҹ Եڵ ¶ ҹਵ ڻǵڵ,  
ػطڸ ˵,  ҷ  ˵ Ե  ԯ.
   ҹ ҹ ͵ڵ Ե  ͡
      »    ⻵  ʵڵҹ  ʾھک
 .  ̹ڵ  Ǩ. Է صڵ ˵:- 
ʵڵ  µڵ    ,  ͡ Ż ͵ڵ
͵ڶ ໵  ʾ  ҤҤҹ ͵ڶԡҹ 
   ,  Ը   . ⵻ 
Ե ح ,   Ԥڤˡ ٵ  ʵڵҹ
Ԥڤˡ ·  , ⵻ ¶صڵŻ⵻ Ե ͡
 ح , ¶ ҹҤ Իҡ ڨڢ ҹ,  ·
عڵ.   ⢵ҷԹ  ͻڨڢ  -
ʵڵ ҹ ڻǵڵڵյ ¶ҸԻ໵ڶ ೹ ڻԻ෵.
  ڭح  ͻڻԻڵ, ͻح  Իڵ
ó Եڵ ڰھ.
      Ҷ ¶صڵ Թҵ Թ ǵ "èکҹ ҹ
 ʵس ڢԳ үԡڢԵھ"ҷ,   "ǭ ʵڵ
ع"ҷԹ ¶صڵ, ҳù  ¶صڵ Եڵ ҵڵ ͵.
Իҡ Ҥҵ Ҥʻ Իҡ,    ҹ. ¶ ˵
˻ڼŹڵ ¶  Ի ˹ڵ  ˵,   ʵڵ ·
عڵ ھ. Źڵ ک ͻ๵ ʷڸ
õڵʷڸ   ʹ๹ Ե൹   áڵ
 ҷԤسڻ Թڹ ͻڻڻ ҹ ˻ڼ ˵, 
صڵŹ ڪ   .
      ˻ڼǡó ڢԳ ˹ڵյ ڢ, һԻڹ,
 ڢ. ڢԳ š ʷڷԵ ҵھ ¸ ¶ 
ҹ ˵ ҷҹ,  . Ͷ   ͹ڹ ,  
@ԧö:  .  
͹ڹ ҵھڵ  "ڢ ڢԳ".  ʵڵ
ʵڵ ص ʹڸʹ ʤڤ کڵ ¡. ⹵
ھҹ ҹ ҹ ŷڸٻǹ ع ػ
ҸءԵ  ʾھڤ ڵ ¶ب Ԩùڵյ ͵.
                       ڰصڵdzڳ ԯڰԵ.

öҺѡ ˹ -. http://84000.org/tipitaka/atthapali/read_th.php?B=27&A=2186&modeTY=2 The Pali Atthakatha in Roman :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/atthapali/read_rm.php?B=27&A=2186&modeTY=2 ҹö :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/attha/attha.php?b=25&i=204 ͤûԮѺǧ :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/read/r.php?B=25&A=4843 ûԮѺѡ :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/read/pali_read.php?B=25&A=5024 The Pali Tipitaka in Roman Character :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/read/roman_read.php?B=25&A=5024 úѭûԮ http://84000.org/tipitaka/read/?index_25

ҹ˹[ҧ] áҹ˹[ҧ] ʴŢ˹
㹡ó :- 
   ÷Ѵáͧ˹ҹ˹[ҧ] Ѵҹ˹[ҧ] ش ԡ¹  Ẻ

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