Թ»Ԯ صѹԮ ԸԮ 鹾ûԮ Ҵ ˹ѧ͸
ҹ˹[ҧ] áҹ˹[ҧ] ʴŢ˹
㹡ó :- 
   ÷Ѵáͧ˹ҹ˹[ҧ] Ѵҹ˹[ҧ] ش ԡ¹  Ẻ  
ö Һѡ Ե.. (ڶ.)

                         . صڵdzڳ
      [] ͡ҷ ⵵ کڵ, ڡڵ . ػڻڪ
Ե ҵ ǵڶء յҤ ҷ ڨ ص
 Ե ػڻڪ , · ػڻڪ. һҷԵ  Ե
ҵ ҦҵԵڵһҷص  Ե, űڱطڱҷ ˰ʹ
 ص  Ե ػڻڪ ਵ ھ. ͸ʵյ
 ¶صڵ Եڡҷ ¶һڨ ͵ڵ Ե ػڻڹ "ԵԻ Ե
һ, ԵԻ ͡, ԵԻ Ǫ,    ͵ڵҾҸ»
ǵڵ"ҷԹ ¹ ڨǡڢ  ͸ʵ ͵ڵ Եڵ
໵ ʵ , ͸ʹ  ڻ˵ ڤҷԻڻҹʹ
ڻԹʪڪ,    ෵ ͵ڵ Եڵʹڵҹ  ط
 õ, ⹷  ¹ڵաõ  Ԥڵ õ. ҵһ
Ե ¶  ͹⵻ ʵ ͹ڵ ڤڵڻ,  õ,
    õյ ͵.   ͹  ͹ ͹
  . ڻ˵ ,  ෵ ਵҷԹ ʷڷ વ
͵ ǷԵ.
      ùڵ ù. ⵵  ԵڡҷԻһԵ ڤ.
͹ҵһ ⹵ڵһյ ҹ ҵһ  ǹ ͹ҵһ,
һصҵһԵڵһšڢ ͵ڵڻ ǹ ⹵ڵһ.
ʵڵ Եڵ ʾھ Ԩڨ.  չµ  
Ե ͡Ż بکԵ շ ʪڪڹҤ  ,
ڻҹǹ չ ⵵ بڨ µ. Եҵ 
ػکԹڷԵ ԯڰ. ¹һ  ʪڪڢԡڵ ¶
ڤ Եڡ ǹڵ,  ʵ "Ҥ" صڵ.
      ءڡ  ԡڢ - Ҹʵյ ÷ڸһ 
͹ҷ  á൹ ٻڨह ʵʹ 
Եڡҷ ػڻڪ ,  ԡڢ ͵ڵ Եڵ ໵  ʵ
, ;ڵ  ʵ ਵ - ͵. ͹ʹ  õյ? ˵
౵.    ԯࡹ?  , ͻԨ   ෵ ط
õ.  վڷ  ෹?  , Ͷ   ¹ڵաõ
Ԥڵ õ. ¶  ͹⵻ ʵ ڤڵڻ,   õ.
    õ? ͹  ͹ ͹  ,
ԡڢڻ๹ ¶ ԡڢԵ ˹ڵ,   õյ صڵ
@ԧö:  .. ԡڢ ԡڢ        . Ҹʵ ਵ
      ⵵ҷ  Եڡҷչ ͹๹ طڸ 
  ڻڵ ڹԵڵ  ¤ڻڵ طڸ
Թڷ صڵ  ڵڭ ʵڻ୹ ڹҤ
Ҥ ͹ص ڤҷʹ ҹ ҵһšڢ೹ ¹
ڹҤڵ ҵһ ʾھ һصʹ ڹҤڵ ͵ڵһ ʵ
õڵԹڷ Ե ùڵ Իʹǹҹ¤ʹ
ؾھԸڻҹԷڸ ÷ڸ Ե Ծھҹ ԵԵ⵵
بڨ µյ ͵.  صڵ.
      Ҷ ˹Եڵ ͵ڶ  ͻԨڨڵڵ չ
ǵڵ ˸ڵ   بڨ ǵڶء, Ͷ 
˻Ծڸ ʡҹ ʯڰҹ  ǵڶءڵ 
Եڡҷ˹Ե . ڤ Ի⹵  ڤ ػ
Ԫڬҷ ෡ڰ  ,  ԵڡҷԾ ؤڤ
ڤ Ի .  بک⵵ ǵڵ ٻҷ
بک  ͪ⬻. ⾸Թڵ ڤҳ. دڰعڵ Ե
ڵ.  ҷ Ԩکʧڡڻ⤨ ,  Ҩ  һسҵյ
      Եڡ Եҹҵ ¶صڵ ԨکԵڡ ʧڢҹǹҾ
ٻ. Եڡٻ ⵵ ǹڹڻ Եڡҹ ͨڨڵٻ
˵ Ծھ   ͪڬ¹  .   ҷʵ
 ¶ص  Իڪ ؤڤ ؾھ ԻʹҾŹ
ʾھԵ ¶ ڤҷʹ ٻ  Իʹ ءڡ໵
ڤԻү ˵ڵڤҳʧڢҵ Ծھҹʧڢҵڨ ͹صڵ ⾸
دڰ ͸Ԥڵ  ⶵ.
                     ͡ҷصڵdzڳ ԯڰԵ.

öҺѡ ˹ -. http://84000.org/tipitaka/atthapali/read_th.php?B=27&A=8796&modeTY=2 The Pali Atthakatha in Roman :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/atthapali/read_rm.php?B=27&A=8796&modeTY=2 ҹö :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/attha/attha.php?b=25&i=290 ͤûԮѺǧ :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/read/r.php?B=25&A=6716 ûԮѺѡ :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/read/pali_read.php?B=25&A=6573 The Pali Tipitaka in Roman Character :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/read/roman_read.php?B=25&A=6573 úѭûԮ http://84000.org/tipitaka/read/?index_25

ҹ˹[ҧ] áҹ˹[ҧ] ʴŢ˹
㹡ó :- 
   ÷Ѵáͧ˹ҹ˹[ҧ] Ѵҹ˹[ҧ] ش ԡ¹  Ẻ

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