Թ»Ԯ صѹԮ ԸԮ 鹾ûԮ Ҵ ˹ѧ͸
ҹ˹[ҧ] áҹ˹[ҧ] ʴŢ˹
㹡ó :- 
   ÷Ѵáͧ˹ҹѴ ԡ¹  Ẻ  
ö Һѡ ͧ.. (ö.)

       ͵ڵǵ :-
              Ҩ Թ ù ڵ⪵ԻŹ
              ڨԻҷ  ؾ ʷڸ ʹ൹.
              õھڳԷ ڻ ʹŻ
              ҵ  -  ŭڪҹ ʷڸ.
               ԯڵҤ ڵ ൹ Թ
              طڸҪǹҨ⵻ ࡹһ.
              ҹ¹Ի  ͻ,
              - (ԡԵԻڪԵ ¨Ե.
              ͯڰ ͧڤصڵҹԡ ҵ÷) -
               áůڰԵԨک ʹ.
                ͯڰ ҷ ԯڰԵ 
              عصԻڻҳ  ҳ.
              ͵ öóյ   .
              ͡ٹʯڰ طڸ⤻ ҳ
              ͵ڶڻʹڶ Ҥҹ  .
               ൹  ҶҤҹ¹ ͯڰ
              Ҹԡ±ڲʵ ԭ ҳҹ.
              Ҹԡ±ڲʵҳԵ ҳ 
               ¹ڵ Ҹչ.
              ůڰ ҷ   ù൹
               حڭػԵ ˵  ʷ آ⵵. -
@ԧö:  .. ҡ    - ..  Ұ  ʹڵ
@ . ൹ ʾھ آ ˵ٵ, . ൹ ʾ آ ⡵
     طڸʷڸҾطڸ»ڱ൹ Ҩêڪڷǵҷ-
سطط൹ ʡ¹ڵä˹⬤˹ඹ ڭµڵڹҤ൹
ԻԯµڵԻڻ үڰ ʵڶ ͻڻ˵ҳڻǹ -
೹ óڻڵԪԵآԹԤڤǨdzڳص൹ صڵصڵҷԹ 
ù ҡԹ ԹڹԷһ ԭڭҷԻڻسڱ
صڵʸ ػڻԯڰԵطڸչ ҹ ʻڻջҹ չ
ŧڡ൹ ԻطڸطڸԹ طڸʵ  ¹ ù
  öó  ͧڤصڵùԡ¯ڰ:-
      ԯڰ š          šԵڶԹ
     ʵ Żصڵҹ            Եڵطڸ.
      ط⸵ ڻ         طڸԵڵ ҷ
     š šયڰ         ǵڵ ⹵.
                ͧڤصڵùԡ¯ڰ ʾھҡù  ԯڰԵ.

öҺѡ ˹ -. http://84000.org/tipitaka/atthapali/read_th.php?B=16&A=8892&modeTY=2 The Pali Atthakatha in Roman :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/atthapali/read_rm.php?B=16&A=8892&modeTY=2 ҹö :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/attha/attha.php?b=24&i=229 ͤûԮѺǧ :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/read/r.php?B=24&A=8721 ûԮѺѡ :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/read/pali_read.php?B=24&A=8243 The Pali Tipitaka in Roman Character :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/read/roman_read.php?B=24&A=8243 úѭûԮ http://84000.org/tipitaka/read/?index_24

ҹ˹[ҧ] áҹ˹[ҧ] ʴŢ˹
㹡ó :- 
   ÷Ѵáͧ˹ҹѴ ԡ¹  Ẻ

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