Թ»Ԯ صѹԮ ԸԮ 鹾ûԮ Ҵ ˹ѧ͸
ҹ˹[ҧ] áҹ˹[ҧ] ʴŢ˹
㹡ó :- 
   ÷Ѵáͧ˹ҹ˹[ҧ] Ѵҹ˹[ҧ] ش ԡ¹  Ẻ  
ö Һѡ .. (ʷڸ.)

     [] Էҹ  ⡻ š¸ šڢ, 
šڢڵԡ ͡ Էڷԯڰ. ڶ ͹Ԩڨ ¯హҵ ڶ 
¹ǹ ͹Ԩڨ. "¸ڵ ¸ڵ Ҥڵ øڵ
͹Ԩڨ" . ءڢ ¯హҵ ʻڻµ ءڢ.   ͹Ԩڨ, 
 ˵ ˻ص - ҹ . "ҵԪҾҸó¯హ - ءڢ"
. ͹ڵ áహҵ "͵ڵ   Ƿ " 
ԡڻԵ ͵ڵ ǹ ͹ڵ.   ͹Ԩڨ ءڢ,  ͵ڵ⹻
͹Ԩڨ  ط¾ھ»̹  õ   ʡ⡵,   áҷ.
صڵڨ "ٻڨ Է ԡڢ ͵ڵ , Է ٻ ҾҸ
ǵ"ҷ. - "͵ڵùԨڨԵڵ ͹ڵ" .
                    šڢڵԡԷdzڳ ԯڰԵ.

öҺѡ ˹ . http://84000.org/tipitaka/atthapali/read_th.php?B=47&A=3422&modeTY=2 The Pali Atthakatha in Roman :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/atthapali/read_rm.php?B=47&A=3422&modeTY=2 ҹö :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/attha/attha.php?b=31&i=79 ͤûԮѺǧ :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/read/r.php?B=31&A=800 ûԮѺѡ :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/read/pali_read.php?B=31&A=1042 The Pali Tipitaka in Roman Character :- http://84000.org/tipitaka/read/roman_read.php?B=31&A=1042 úѭûԮ http://84000.org/tipitaka/read/?index_31

ҹ˹[ҧ] áҹ˹[ҧ] ʴŢ˹
㹡ó :- 
   ÷Ѵáͧ˹ҹ˹[ҧ] Ѵҹ˹[ҧ] ش ԡ¹  Ẻ

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